Second Life is twelve years old. And I’ve only been along for the ride since 2007. I still wish, fiercely, that I had created an account far earlier than I did. I amazes me all the changes I have seen in my time here. I can only imagine witnessing its very beginnings.

Everything that has a beginning has an ending as well. I felt a keen sadness when a single region I knew, a place I called home and learned in, came to an end.  Where will Second Life end? When Sansar goes live and those who wish to go there begin to create accounts and go about the business of recreating their avatars, what will become of our world?

The word is it will stay open, but for how long? Certainly not for as long as many might wish. People are still here now, still creating, still selling, still bleeping and still yelling. A new world, with promises of betterment, opened for business, will attract many of those who are here now. And eventually, all that will remain here is dust, as our world is eroded by the winds and rains of attrition and accounting. What will I feel when Second Life truly passes the hourglass to its successor? I won’t know until I get there.

And what will I feel when Sansar opens its gates to me? Again, I won’t know until I get there. When I do, It will be from the beginning. I will embrace whatever change may come with open arms. And I look forward to seeing how our next world will change over time.