It is unsurprising that the time it takes to try on all the demos from any particular shopping trip so far outweighs the time it takes to accumulate them. I think with the addition of mesh, trying out the resultant and nearly ubiquitous demos became more complicated and time consuming than when we only had painted panties. bras, jeans and shirts and prim skirts and collars to deal with. It seemed so much easier then, to decide, after a few cam-arounds and experimental adjustments, whether an outfit I had already purchased was going to work or not. The foregone conclusion was that it already looked good on ‘paper’. Quality texture? check. Properly arranged skirt panels? check. Low susceptibility to crotch-stretch-smear? check. Surely there were more? I honestly can’t remember.

Now there are so many more factors that I, for one, will consider when looking at a newly acquired mesh demo. They are too many to list here, else I risk sounding ranteriffic.

So after spending a little time gathering demos from Collabor88, Cold Logic, and Truth, it takes more time than I have left in a typical day to try it all on. It isn’t like I don’t have anything else to do. After all, I must save some time for play.