Recently I’ve been helping out a new resident with advice and tips. I’ve been doing more than just handing over a box of freebies and landmarks. I’ve been spending time with this person and being a friend.
   Long ago when I was starting out, I got a lot of genuinely heartfelt help from new friends. This included one friend giving me control of an Open Space sim for a month when he would not be online enough to use it. I think back back on that and how much it meant to me.
   I’ve never been especially mercenary when it comes to making money here in SL®. And Lately I’ve been a little low on inspiration. I’ve been finding it hard feel purposeful when I am logged in.
   Helping someone new has helped me to look back on my first weeks here and recall how magical it was, and how confusing at times. It has helped me to look at SL® objectively and realize, anew, how truly amazing it is. It may evolve and turn into something it was not before, it’s been doing that all along, but to me it will always be amazing.