June 2010

   Not too long ago I transferred some of my builds to Reaction Grid. I used Imprudence to export a few things and imported them into RG. I hadn’t read a lot about the process. I just used Imprudence’s ‘export’ and ‘import’ tools. I was impressed with the faithfulness of the reproduction. Of course I was disappointed that none of the objects’ contents were included in the transfer but I was not surprised. This is apparently how the xml files work and only objects of which you are the creator will be exported.
   There was some development on an XML format called Hierarchical Primitive Archive, or .hpa. This was being developed by Shack Dougall of liferain.com. I say was because there does not seem to be a lot of recent activity at liferain. And it seemed at one time that Meerkat might support hpa but Meerkat appears to be dead.
   If development of hpa has stopped, it wouldn’t surprise me if the headache of determining the creator of each of an object’s contents was a factor. And if development of hpa continues, I hope Imprudence picks up support for it.


Reading Peter’s blog I saw that it has been five months since my last post here, which is ridiculous. Time should not be passing so mercilessly. But it is true, as evidenced by the impending arrival of Summer. One of my children will be moving on to Middle school and the other is leaving behind the “little” status. So, yes, time is indeed passing more quickly than I would like.

And with time passing comes changes. I look at the arrival of viewer 2.0 as a significant change. Even though oldbies are able to still use other, older viewers, it is still a big change because new users will be strongly encouraged to use 2.0. I wonder how many true ‘new users’ there are each month these days.

I have my first pair of boots that use the avatar alpha layers function instead of invisiprims. Those are quite nifty, though it is a bit tricky to combine different alphas together. I found that wearing a lower alpha that came with the boots made my ‘no system lashes’ alpha inactive. So they appear to act as a group, or the boot’s alpha was created as a group.
On the whole, there are more things I like about viewer 2.0 than I dislike. The alpha layers alone bring many creative possibilities.

Other changes include friends who I have come to expect never to see again after not seeing them for months. And I hope that Real Life® is treating them well. In a couple of cases I know this is so.

I while back I got one of the Linden Homes. I thought it was a neat idea and I like having a place to go that I can call, virtually, my own. There have never been more than six avatars in the region. And there is definitely no nearby club with 38 dancing avatars. I will resist the urge to create a cricket sound around my house.

Your move Time.