We’re all used to change in our real lives. Change starts from a very early age and doesn’t stop. Change happens in Second Life ® too. Places go away, people stop logging in – most of the time telling you they’re going.
   I have reached a time of residency where such changes have become significantly evident. There are a lot of landmarks in my inventory that have become obsolete – superseded by the unfamiliar. There are groups to which I once belonged which exist only in my memory now.
   Only in this medium – this collective of part reality and part dream – are things so mutable. It is at once amazing and unsettling.

   As happens every so often, another place I have been has ceased to be. It’s sad that any place in which you have spent time can so quietly vanish without warning or notice.
   I am familiar with dead landmark syndrome. It’s still a little surreal to try to visit an old favorite spot and find it replaced with a different build or, disturbingly, finding an entire sim has vanished from the face of the grid.
   I will admit that I spend more time than I really need to, flying to and fro, in order to verify that yet another old haunt has become a ghost I can only visit in my dreams.