For a while I thought prim eyelashes were a bit superfluous, and that system lashes were good enough. But then I think back to when I experimented with prim eyes and how much better they could look with a higher resolution. The truth is, prim lashes do look better than system lashes – when they are fitted properly.
   That’s where the saga part comes in. That you will need to adjust your prim eyelashes is a foregone conclusion. Avatar’s eyes can come in many different shapes. But eye shape isn’t the only factor you deal with when fitting your prim lashes.
   As I delved into the fitting of some of my first prim lash purchases, I sensed a little bit of a dichotomy in whoever it was at Linden Lab® who decided that someone might want to adjust their hair down to nothing, but that a “zero” eyelash setting of about one quarter normal length would be enough to satisfy even the most extreme minimalist. There is always a little bit of system lash left to get in the way of your prim lash fitting and, as far as I know, creating a custom skin with a complete alpha subtraction of the lash area would merely reveal the default system skin beneath, complete with lashes.
   This is one thing I never saw mentioned, as far as I remember, in any of the fitting instructions that came with the lashes I have so far purchased. I would have appreciated a little “The system lashes can never be completely zeroed.” System lashes are just something you have to work around and overcome when fitting prim lashes.
   Some good advice I did get came from my friend Nissa Nightfire. She gave me a white mannequin skin which makes fitting lashes easier. Not having eye makeup makes positioning the prims easier.

Lash fitting torture

   I met with success, finally. I kept working at it because I had seen plenty of “live” examples of well fitted lashes that looked really good. As not all skins will look good with every shape, so it is with prim lashes. Eyes come in many shapes. There are many parameters that change the way they look. I found lashes from Celestial Studios that use three prims for each side, two uppers and one lower. This made fitting the upper lash easier for me as I find my upper eyelids have more curve than the lower ones. And for me, I found that I had to place the prims so they were all in front of the system lash meshes while at the same time trying to keep them close enough to my eyelids to look good. This is an example of the alpha transparency bug helping us. So, if that bug gets fixed, something else breaks.

   Just a little bit more UV real estate in the skin head texture could be allocated to the lash mesh would be an improvement.