Do you know what happens when first life gets you really busy and you’re only able to briefly check in on the metaverse?
   You discover there is so much new fashion about that there aren’t enough L$, that’s what.

   Holy cow! I went around to some of the shops I had frequented and purchased from before. And I read some of the fashion blogs, which lead me to other places. Some places have changed, and the others just have a lot of new items. It might just be me but there sure is a lot of green being produced by all those wonderful designers.

   I have been quite happy with the few hairstyles I have by Natalie Zelmanov. But I have ventured into the realm of sculpted hairstyles and picked up a couple of them by Onyx LeShelle of Maitreya. I had not completely made up my mind about sculpted hair but Onyx has brought me a number of steps closer. Enough to spend my L$ at any rate. High quality and lovely looks. More than ever now I am looking forward to (well, hoping for) flexible sculpts (thanks Peter).

   Dutch Touch rezzed around me, revealing big changes that I found quite favorable. My friend Peter Stindberg introduced me to Dutch Touch. I admit I have never been a fan of plaid and did not find very much to my liking. The Dutch Touch of today is a much more colorful place and I made a number of purchases:)

   I met Nyla Cheeky a number of months ago and have periodically visited House of Nyla ever since. I found a lovely skirt suit with very nice stitching. It’s called Coco Black…err.. well my transaction history doesn’t show the whole name. Anyway, I wore that right off the shelf.

   I am sure I have only scratched the surface and I will continue following the blogs and exploring. It will take ages for my stipend to catch up.