I must be very busy all the time. Or maybe I’m just self absorbed….. though I hope not. My time in-world has suffered this Summer. I have found myself in and out and up and down all the time. I can’t remember what I did last Summer. Was it this bad?
   I just submitted an interview to Ana Lutetia for her blog. In it I stated that one of the things that has kept me logging in were my friends. And it is true… but I feel badly this Summer because I have hardly kept in touch with any of them. They do some pretty amazing things.
   Peter Stindberg writes a great blog but I don’t read it (or others) as often as I should; as often as I want to. I really enjoyed reading all the interviews on Ana’s blog… all of them. They’re great. I was really laughing at their wit and personality.
   Trinity writes Rez magazine with Voodoo Buwan and it’s neat too. I want to read more often and I want to write here more often. I just need reminding.. or nudging… or maybe clobbering. Something.
   Feel free to tell me “Hey Iva, go write something.” Ok?