I have been spending less time in-world. I have had a first life event taking up my time and more than just a little emotional energy. I will say it is extended family related and no details are really necessary. It was something that depressed me and left me with little or no desire or energy to do anything else.
Well, that has more or less settled down to the dull roar of knowing what I can and cannot do about it. And just as I wanted to start spending more time in-world creating and playing, I have gotten a case of shingles.
This is honestly one of the more painful experiences I have ever had. I have a fairly good tolerance for pain when I know no serious damage or blood loss is occurring, or when I know there is something I can do about it. I can only describe this as agonizing, painful, itchy irritation. If you have ever had poison ivy or poison oak, Imagine that on a nuclear scale.

Anyway, I want to get back into my SL groove. I want to continue creating and learning. Peter reintroduced me to the fun of sailing as well. I may spend upcoming free time learning more about SL sailing. I found it more enjoyable than SL driving, which is fraught with space/time anomalies.

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