It took very little time after my coming to Second Life for me to learn of the ability to partner with another resident. At the time I thought it was a neat idea. That statement alone shows how simplistic a view of this virtual world I used to take.
   I have since learned, and please accept my apologies everyone, how complex it really is. All you need is an awareness of the fact that there is a living, breathing, feeling person behind every avatar, and that relationships between people are complex, in any medium.
   I am sure there is a broad spectrum of reasons why people choose to become a partner with another SL resident. I have had trouble reconciling my feelings about an avatar who professes to have a real life relationship and who also chooses to engage in a virtual relationship. “Couldn’t this be considered bigamy?” I asked myself. What constitutes infidelity?
   In the Matrix, Morpheus asks; “What is real?”
   I ask; “What is not real?”

   Then I consider that I don’t know the whole story of Avatar Smith, knowing, from experience, that real life relationships aren’t always everything they’re cracked up to be.
   Everyone has their reasons. It comes down to what someone wants, what someone needs, or both.
   Therefore, I will respect your choices. I will not ask you to explain them or justify them. And I will not judge.