June 2008

Furniture is furniture. Furniture is good. It provides us a place to sit when our pixels are tired.

I wonder if this test blog post will get picked up by a bottom feeding, web scouring bot for display on a ad net.

And all I have to say about that is furniture.


Sometimes learning is hard.

I recently got into a scripting project that made me feel most unlike a scripter. It was a piece of furniture scripting describing sit targets and changing animations randomly between sitting avatars, and it was behaving in very unpredictable ways. As usual, this meant that I was doing something wrong. I just couldn’t figure out what.
I took the advice of a good friend and stepped away from it for a day. Then I attacked it again with hammers and pliers and almost immediately discovered my error (it was a silly mistake, really). It was good too because I had begun to feel that my tools might have been defective. I like my tools.

When things begin to get so hard that you bang on your keyboard and snap at the cat who wants your attention, take a break. It will help. And then you will remember that learning is fun 🙂