The other day I was visiting a friend who is an artist. She is Tunisian and studies art and aesthetics in France. She uses Second Life as one of her research tools. She is part of an artistic group on a private island. I’m not sure what the mission of the island owner and group is as I didn’t really have time to find out.
She asked for my help making objects that would move along a conveyor from a ship to a dock, about 34 meters. I was explaining to her how this could be done (she is a recalcitrant non-builder, but I do try). The island owner showed up and introductions were made, opportunities for Babbler use were had. Out of the blue he asked if I’d be the builder for his island. I was surprised and flattered. This is another of those things I never thought would happen when I first came to SL.
Of course I had to explain that I was currently busy putting most of my free time for creativity into starting a furniture business. I did say that I would probably be available to help with small tasks from time to time.
Honestly though? there is so much more I feel I would need to learn before I would be comfortable accepting such an offer. Still….. It did feel nice.