If you travel around, teleporting from place to place in Second Life, sooner or later you’re going to run into someone else’s mischief.
As I have explored, dawdled in sandboxes, or just hopped to a handy SLX terminal, I have come across my fair share (I’m not greedy, I saved some for the rest of you) of traps, objects left lying around for the purpose of causing a hindrance. I’ve been stuck in a multi-layered invisible trap, pounded by 5,000 tons, squished into a little ball of crumpled Ivanova, and other things less spectacular.
Each of these events ran its course in less than a minute and I have gone on, treating it (after reporting it, I am a responsible citizen) as a part of the Second Life landscape, which certainly they are, just as road apples are a part of farm landscape.
These experiences, and my reactions to them, have led me to this conclusion: The existence of residents whose sole purpose is to grief seems rather pointless to me.