I have a couple of Nissan cars I acquired in the Nissan sims. I don’t recall that they ever worked very well. Somebody told me that there was a Pontiac sim, but I can’t find it.
With the Nissans, both the Sentra and the Altima, they seem to lose the ability to accelerate shortly after “takeoff”.
It recently occurred to me that I might be seeing an effect of “energy” as it relates to prims set to physical and the scripts within them. Some script functions use energy to act, physically, upon the prims that contain them. The rate of consumption can depend on the size of the prim. This energy will regenerate at a rate determined by the mass of the prim (I’m not a genius, I read all this somewhere). .
I also read that running low on energy will not cause these script functions to simply fail, but will instead cause the function’s effects to diminish. Like a large prim could not be made to float well in water because the rate of energy consumption trying to make it float exceeds the rate of energy regeneration that prim is capable of. This is a good facsimile of rl physics. I can throw an Oreo a heck of a lot farther than I can throw my ex-brother-in-law
This could explain why it feels as though five or six parking brakes engage after I begin driving down the road.
Hmmm…… turning gets more and more difficult too.