The landscape of this blog is blank. As in the virtual world of Second Life, in which I am a resident, this landscape will appear around me and my friends as we create it. I will use this blog the write about my building, scripting and learning; all aspects of the creation process.

When I first came to Second Life, I didn’t really know what I would do, where my interests would lie. The image creation and editing of making textures is something I really enjoy and have a lot of experience with. I tried my hand at various types of content creation. I had found clothing creation to be not quite to my taste. Building large objects like houses or vehicles, while interesting, didn’t really appeal to me either. I found myself gravitating toward smaller scale object creation. Also, avatars and how they can be allowed to interact with objects, which is the most dynamic aspect of Second Life, commands my attention. I found myself thinking about furniture; chairs, couches, and tables, all kinds of things that people in the Real World use. It’s fun to try to make an object in Second Life that functions and looks as realistically as possible. I also like thinking creatively about avatar attachments and their various functions both existing and unexplored. The process of new and imaginative creations in SL is far from over.

I am a relative newcomer to Second Life. There are veterans who began learning and building here years before I had even heard of SL, before the time of sculpted prims and before the time of flexible prims. While I sometimes wish I had found Second Life earlier than I had, I consider myself fortunate to have stumbled upon it at a time when there are so many wonderful tools with which to create nearly anything you can imagine. And I believe these tools will continue to improve and to be expanded upon in the future. I’m excited to be a part of it.